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The whole of the transfinite

City is express for union
the way he "took his burden for a stroll"
or the cloud deck warm and orange.
After noon the slow sound unspools
and at night cymbals clatter a building to pulp.
The horizon will always suggest an airplane
the airplane a glittering medallion
and the glitter a fine glassy remainder.
Late dewy green as the inverse of drought
or the converse of "which old chitchat"
beside the picture window.
He took a coffee or he nearly understood
the silhouette of this or that reversal.
Where the options were to linger maladroitly
or malinger adroitly he put his foot on the footrail.
The pedestrians true had a certain to and fro
but otherwise failed to shape.
If failure is express for disjoint and emptiness.
"Toward the other unlike" thus
"within its null properties."
The construction crew cut brick with a radial saw
and their macadam chatter carried oh so high.
List and gulls and the cloud deck burning
warm and orange in the August sun.
The purpose of the gist of
the whole of the transfinite.
He thought: "I hate spending a lot of time
in graveyards." He thought: "We're all
gonna spend a lot of time in graveyards."