from Progeny
						aside from 
the coroner's
verdict, or the
slowdown windup
piracy of time

live on. live
skullnear and on
and live on.

now you are an

anemone one

rise a steeple.

a stone a spine



no no

row fo e not era

is even

me ni p

is ton oh

as if you
could happen,
as if I could
photograph a
wish, hear the
space between
songs, as if the
cry fire fire fire
fire were a
mother calling
her child.


ne w caps

rif e

undress me, yes, so I might
present myself in the tearoom, the
when threatened, the fold my delicate

cameo on the folio.
frontispiece folded low.

cut on the bias or hitched
with a belt, full-legged lam�:
my fashioned throes

tagged stone, your signature, an echo of here�

before you can be anything, which I so much wish you would be�

a star a pardon a cat's paw quailing. each day rereading, a practice in speech, the
aftermath of tantrums. as arrival is broken

and strange is the window within, holler away our do-not-disturb quietude.