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Metropolis 17
	An amazed maze of mills
pursuing impoverished vintages

slain, hilly, cedars

dearest estate & the story
begins here: I'm gonna write this and forget

I'll be you later, a sumptuous

funeral era lost its spectators the world
I keep putting money in it

a moment commodity pacified

fort the poorest narcissism

fumed, universal

elite volumes and how
to live in it, multiple hides

slippery slow logs, more or less, I'm less
moved (there's money in that

loosening boot strap of one
does one's own bearded

orphan the lost mort
of cracking codes

Complex plus
aphasia at the trade

show autre verb for nothing

to go with the slacks lit-for-who bar
chord a rumor who sequels pleasure

a stumped orbit

bound to be cooked down

dug up tea shop

slurred his prince-name

what too much of a good thing can mean

getting together on blinking

Surrey in jesus
step away from the vehicle

grinding paper dolls a survey
of accidents uncertainties, gaps

in data this is where
the conspiracy begins: I don't

but if I did have a gold chain
it'd glisten on a shore in NJ

where ransom speaks louder
than random if the opposite is true:

when you asked me if I'm a dog-lover
I was being ironic

Banquet of missed inventions

this is where I forget whom
the burden of the clarity bell

strikes thrice clearly some

missing out going on here

----the urge to speak

of a grass/blade/like
that/wasn't it/ this is

where the orientation gets leafy
the great lakes portfolio
a late blossoming in the burbs

muffled up, scattered
holding out for the vulnerable

it was life-long, I mean life-like

when I said it was life-like
I was being realistic

An exit awning
and the workers spit a little

how do you get the coal-miners into your work?

stock explanation, wage the store

I wouldn't want to
sit behind you like some
sick patient asking
for Nice, this is where a cell

phone'd be
(handy) this isn't your living room
that's one question: the trees
flutteringall at once and not
at once at once

we, we, we,
& even their makers seem to recognize
a sometime sobering
slippery bi-artisan
a furry menagerie of the spirit-
backslash event-ual watcher of

war ships, ATM teller of rights

bank on a countermeasure equation

possible=infinity plus desire

where did you get those ideas?
what do you want from me?

a censored stream n'
Winnipeg a public

trump, turners, the fox

a few figures left standing

in a remodeling zone in a department
store police tape for a jury

a planted apology

a standing date with success

Exotic salary table
well you must've written it down
wrong-- it's a personal day

asleep, adult sounding
an angle overworked

to violate a recent ember
following our mean right
duchess county accustomed to deflating

attempting cart of desserts to cross

a tiny fragile horror merged

in ferns forms conquered his
parents (his career confirmed it)

vertically speaking, wistful a real

dick for details, an electronic pump, a pro-
grammed hockey puck, rinsed out
of a significant advance anchors
dropped nerve or mustard

do you know here I can get
rid of these?

(but there are a lot of things that don't matter
and they add up

Castle Hill
getting through
to anywhere cellular, still. . .

East Tremont, a wish, he has
sin he has pardon

a clogged parkway in vain. . .

what would you give in exchange
for his soul? requests?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - town line - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The bageling of America
Cos Cob, no fresh fruit here
though talk of fresh fruit

and California from afar a Ford Escort
Scarsdale lawn god, self-

storage, you'll love it
in Levitown offers

a neighbor choice of three: the fireman

Essex, house of anatomy
this is where the nexus

about that crash &
carry thing, a representation I
can't believe these pants EVER fit
but the scheme IS the thing, meanwhile,
adrift, MY captain never knew fish n'
chips, these are pleasing, soft
luggage tags, poster parents,

my decision stands but wobbles--

yeah, right, like I
backed into you!