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By series: Bridge St  In Yr Ear  Ruthless Grip

night sky over dave's garage


licking wounds     huge moons
the ceiling   the end of hits    original face
more than only yours    split here the corn lies fallen
journal crop ferocious some turning of page the fish of sky fallen

hope to be no one   reverse a history of person
   why the lobes?

stantion   pale sky gnarled time plates   ephemera is still swilling
under location   not lost true reader cross determine frequency topmost
lip certain   histy wheatrock fending in juried valleys and forgetting

of few inter-intelligent restive companion lost tear jerker

up purpose nested really in heated sweater guards and furled
in junkie orlon as donned by meistersingers careless frequented
donnybrooks and rainliners a little corny but still got the blood

for the chorus
not to try

oily reserve making open as figurative longing betrays uomo
racket flew face gentrified gewgaws   opposite longing
premonition of loss wanting more waning   locked into her voice
join the hair gibber ice version   so-called raison d'etre   believe in a fake dry
illness opens eyes and pain union relays god place intel

static flewpie   knobs polarity gin of wing   rope-a-dope number flipping
cleats off runways at pace unimagined in a face
bit a hitscream to hell and hundred   justifying jeans dream to make
not a wish no longer pounding head and sharp arms   just not barely
there   not care   flew along a straightedge lakeshore munificent
ploverroad   try to green the weakling and be happy   harm in lassitude
and just as general pasting following up on lint, no scream hunts
les yeux jaunes   a fossil   dreamy   no little rusticity

whose harp fell from the bumper







sturdy arrangement

winston offering

simple overdone masonry

finge   (rhymes with hinge)


fealty offering


onions' uncle unclue

fraggard mysore





circle of low ash
fires in its arms holds

the stars' elliptical message

three who crossed
                        the water laughed   reached    mingled
                            the dead calling   as alive as we were shadows
            smoke clinging and parched
                   naked afield a deer slowly purposefully

june remembered is what she was singing   what was meant
    don't send me letters
           just singing or playing green
        never a river willow   but maysie gourding eubrook pole entitlement
                      arthur house neolithic thunderstorm wicker post lamia

she stood on the opposite bank    alone
the one who is watched
still laughs
                        above are the voices of millions of shells

                                chiming a glass pun lily

                             a scream of drums

                    a school




bendix-rilled rabbits are turning
fur into isopropyl nougat village in the urals banned
structure oval suprematist dilation   green painted shake levitates
in backyard bone-rigging long after midnite in wicked northern

none of these houses were the
yurt trespass
                                    you too who were webbed
                                                                           in drops



who was cape?
                                                     the logic

filling threes?
                                                     the green cream of afterglow

did you not want to shudder?

                                                     a chair, broken, on an azure field

ripping clean through the fabric of night fat?

                                                     o deafening egress mouth of fuck