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The Other Kind of Vertigo
Toggle that delay switch
when I think of you
failing the white boulevard
because I work too much, too late
in the thing-shaped mountain
and don't know anything quickly
or all at once, at ease in the harmful skin
who can say?, but the year
ends tidily, miscarriages
waterspouts gone off to meet
in Brooklyn by the leaves
brimming with difficult heads and legs
ease of the birds recline
and differ from the next flock
no trial leads to late afternoon, after drinks
when intentions are severed from their sockets
like on the crater of a pink outline
terrestrial lights for all eternity
in 1969 the world was a funny place
clouds were all the rage
full of seeable air like cream
skimmed from buckets
curiosities looked down on us where we lay
the feelings I've had since then
I've renamed them, gone back
and authored incidents to cull support
tear lengths of crystal in the prelapsarian world
which is merely a bite to eat