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Doubt takes all the space it needs, a vanguard of confusion

Q-tip-toeing sifter ethics

Dogsled quickstep, all that constantly avowing stuff

Thicker mock-up perp dreck

Pencil ego else

Swivel whip on top, hopeful catastrophe

The Misfits Roadshow on Complication Street, more of a puff shot

Itsy-bitsy calibrators rev up

The anomaly who cuddles & trust

Usurps loss target repents —

Shatter it, powder it, sandbox sand

Skin stammer gregarious left-overs — profound

Without legs if as if only

Meaning fluff

To adolesce

Make my present tense blue — any fix else

Peeve rules

I talc it

Human speaks, pet listens; roger, over & out

Project some twang onto peel-off saints

Lust subcontracts

Feverish & morphy prairie-baking guillotine

Upclose persona stop signs melt

The infinitive, to velveeta

The glib honeyed ambush id mismanages honor

I want masthead

Fetishissy smarting off our guilt

Pronunciation in reverse

No cathexis without representation

A lived experience stinger with the relativism prosthetic

Dreaming in color, made naked by numbering

Brandname slowness kills the uplink

Upscale heart racing stake through

Heart first

Person singular

Fleshier ghost all the meat mellows

A hippy fringe on whatever you're trying to say

Contagion lore fist origami

Spreadsheet to the stars, the purge to communicate

Lullaby to anti-gravity paint billyclubs of combustibility

Paint the exact red, impresarios of saving

Pleasure stresses time wouldn't have been caught

Maybe sorry

Anything more forgivable would be

Too chaste sausage your drinks

Electricity between people

Imagine having a dining room

Upsy dizzy pillow condense confession surreptitiously aloof

It's that it's several shades, not that it's blue

The peculiar gets built right in

Didn't heart crap both blood hearts —

I've —

Structural moonbeaming flipping kamikaze aftermath kiss-off

How fast is evil? — is it deliberative, hesitant

Wealth management with each paw


It keeps popping back on, you can't turn it off

Candy-colored desire undone splash goosed-up plot —

Always disconnect —

Frazzle up ahead work up a believable panic

Built into the sway an impressionistic freeze-dry

Rosy shifter abuse speckled dimestore

Surrogates go a courtin'

Bravado bravo verb as placeholder

Reasons against the singular

A semicolonoscopy

Being is ungluing

Closely captioned mannikin pupae applause

To jelly off whitemeaty

Get me wet afraid

Yellowbrick roar, customers by refusing

Only neck will do

Santa iffy vivid doom continuity slobbered on

The hack of distrust mimic the bubble

Hospitality overload

Back up your fluff

Rattlesnake perspicacity break up the practicality

Tired of reprepostering

Turbulence plans its subject status

News eats the old

Toxicological insults

Smear on wrong stuff

Why is saving the world not sexual? —

Venus intravenous vagina polyphony

Shed an aptitudinal tear

Captivate by the saliva of captivity

I was built by the lowest bidder

Stop The Habitual Before It Kills Again

Logic has never outer space