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from It's go in / quiet illumined grass / land

                         silver half freezing in day
                                                        elation the
                         of the outside sky walking





                         silver half freezing in day
                                                        moon's elation
                         of the outside rose, his seeing
                                                        on both
                         seeing someone else at all and the
                                                        half freezing
                         elation of the outside so that's even
                                                        with one
                         continually over and over one/person





                         on the 'present' wild friends

                         are 'there' only, yet not

                                                        going away


                         in the middle is their coming


                         as red leaves sea early rim in


                         or just 'placed' together (to not

                                                        do that)

                         then its the disparate as rose







                         wall standing rose could just



                         as evening in the middle of



                         and so no space even there





                         He just stays in

                         illumined grass land


                         just stayed always in it


                         events going on there and



                         of illumined grass land comes






                         Always stay in illumined grass


                         I didn't see that as a


                         it's land -- just do it -- stay





                         automatons closed barrier where
                         close to the street in rim in automatons
                         over people lying night noise hear
                         visible barrier blood one dying there
                         sneer lead by ill rational barrier half
                         as they're praising each other
                         no one can              is there





        Woman bum murdered, the people interviewed
reassure people will not care there -- will not respond

                         they'll 'get over' woman bum killed
                         there -- not care that being the
                         to 'not respond' -- anywhere -- is
                                                        here? at all (only)


                         get out of this place



                         the context

                         having that done


                         the inner


                         one's dumb


                         separate from






                                          change the barrier



                         side of evening horizontal


                         people in it? without them

                                                        can't be

                         that. closed horizontal illumined







the turtle is slow

          I've got it

(by singing)

the turtle is slow

          beat beat                  the turtle approaching

                                           the rose wall?

                                           -- OW



                                                        cello crosses





Where is this           Arcadian land she           says has
been then when we           were there
          taking scathing        cruel    obstructing barrier is
and "no one felt silenced" -- feelings silence? -- the ferocity wasn't
          visible apparent               (to them)
if Arcadian    occurred where is it now? when? if it isn't
now what use is it? changing the past     to praise context
then is phenomena --
                                                                             comes out
          is seen occurring in the place        some





          The 'present time' is only my previous events continually -- seen (dumb)
-- then place the present being in one (and occurring as one) -- conceptual 'also',
both --
          wall is 'rose'

          events' space to -- 'place' in the same 'space'
          not even the present








                                     or passages in time


                         excruciating pain physically so the



                         are gone. lifted, it's go

                                                        so there's


                         no time here it is spring bare


                         blossom blossoms 'on' bare limbs


                         the blossoms?





                         leaveless forest in dream by
                         looking                   downwards
                         so (?) looking up the next day see
                         fan-forest above
                         are no 'passages' outside
                         in time going or one
                                                        outside rose
                         'after one'





                         Can't be
                         in                           'night'
                         as outside it is just 'day one's in'

                         either time or duration

                         excruciating physical pain hell
                                                        night not


                         is there.
                         'night night'





                         numb in intense planned time bursts
                                                        -- blank
                         automatons for one appears streets
                         people outside walk and like half
                                                        visible the ill
                         rational 'given' that's the horizontal
                         the same place -- as one's excruciating
                         pain is the horizontal also 'night'
                         blackness reef people on the streets to
                         be                           tiers
                         closed ill dying also there seen directly
                         every                       'one' can't be





                         even             excruciating physical
                         side    gut tears there on the half closed
                                                        blackness reef night
                         adore rational one truncated not one
                                                        in visible
                         'others' tiers of hierarchy that's at once/
                                                        both 'experienced'
                         horizontal spaceless not any in the same
                         there with blossoms,         they're
                                                        both --
                                 at both 'night' sides





                         bullhorns order people in the towns
                         seeing and pale day-moon on brown
                                              peak outside, 'inner'

                         isn't the opposite                         move
                         everyone is excruciating physical pain
                                                        (only) pale day also





                         so to entirely 'fill' physical horizon
                                                        'horizon' then
                         yet can't go to childhood state
                         to now                    any
                                                        duration even
                         present and vertical          hell one
                         closed throughout outside then moon





               man wade in grass
                                              by road
               to drive is

                                              on one side
               axis abandoned the floating day
                         it's go in horizontal

                         wading in grass
                         when moon's not there yet





               'his' early-walking
               'his' 'base-dropping' there is:
                                 there is
                                 'someone else'

                         'theirs' there
               comprehending 'there to be occurrence
                                              on one side' and
               there's no 'side' as moon's in space 'his'-