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Morning Song ("A Pavlovian envy. . .")

A Pavlovian envy and we went to bed.
In the morning, our eyes will have opened

and we will have raised up our heads.
In the morning, the harbor, barbaric

in its tidal shift from dawn to dusk, we
were, my dear, misused. Our navigational

system was useless, our decks rotted
through, so that we could hear the hard

pounding of waves in our chests, of refusal,
refusal. The unsigned checks we write ourselves.

The IOU's, the vagrancies, the trashcans are
stuffed with our darling domesticities. So what

if the eyes go aflutter, we wonder, in this our
final year. We press ourselves closer and closer

together, we two like two halves of a brain
with some similar vision.