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Alphabet Poem

A number of musicians have come together in light of September 11 to celebrate Lennon's
           provocative, forward-looking spirit.
'Band of Brothers': In light of September 11, TV's most prescient program.
Catastrophic times nail home the notion that lyric poetry dispenses more relief - if not actual
           salvation - than perhaps any art form.
Disney, the parent company of ABCNEWS.com, and Blockbuster are sending videos and DVDs
           to troops overseas. These efforts are just some of the fruits of meetings between
           Hollywood executives and White House officials, who have been discussing the
           entertainment industry's role in the war on terrorism in light of Sept. 11.
Emotional responses to art are said to intensive in light of September 11.
Forwarding a lot of poems and poetry links has become a national pastime since September 11.
Greater efforts were made to connect with prospective students and their parents and to impress
           upon them that Barnard values itself as being a close-knit and supportive community in
           light of September 11.
Hollywood is rallying together to raise funds in light of the September 11 disaster in an
           unprecedented television telethon event tonight, and GEORGE CLOONEY is leading
           the charge!
I think it's going to be good for people to see [Black Hawk Down] in the wake of September 11.
           It's good for them to know that we have a capable military filled with guys willing to slide
           down the rope into the furnace, if you'll pardon me using a cliché.
Just after September 11, I probably faxed more copies of poems - and received more faxes from
           other devoted readers - in the following weeks than I had in years, though as a professor
           at Syracuse University, I essentially butter my biscuit with the reading of poetry.
Known as a peace activist, Lawrence Ferlinghetti spoke to a sold out crowd and said art and
           poetry will be classified from now on as B.S. and A.S. - Before and after September 11.
Looking to correct original suggestions made by Black Hawk Down that the US involvement in
           Somalia was ill advised and poorly planned, a number of corrective, post-Sept 11
           sentiments were added.
Motion Picture Association of America spokesman said that "Behind Enemy Lines is indicative
           of Hollywood's desire to do something to help in light of Sept. 11."
Now more than ever, people seem to want to see Hollywood heroes fight terrorists. If Warner
           Brothers released Collateral Damage right now, it would make $200 million because now
           is when people want to see Arnold kick terrorist butt.
Our textbook presents a broader theme that explores the richness of American history and
           culture in light of September 11 and its aftermath.
Painted plywood Santas and reindeer are sharing the front yard with American flags dug out of
           storage and unfurled in the wake of Sept. 11.
Quick fix editing solutions have allowed Hollywood to bring many films back into distribution
           that were pulled in light of September 11.
Read the lyrics to these songs suddenly more popular in the wake September 11: Kid Rock
           "American Bad Ass" and Lee Greenwood "Proud to be an American."
Sales in patriotic men-in-uniform romances likely to surge in wake of September 11
The premise of Ocean's 11--that a band of thieves armed with little more than charm, chutzpah
           and a never-ending supply of wisecracks can walk out of a super-secure Vegas casino
           with $150 million -- has a particularly ironic relevance in light of September 11.
Undersecretary of state Charlotte Beers, former Madison Avenue top gun hired by Colin L.
           Powell to refurbish America's image abroad, says about her job: "Some of the people will
           not join us at all, but there are many more people in the whole Muslim world who are
           very vulnerable to this kind of information. Very."
Violent films are back in vogue, especially those with a patriotic and heroic flavor as they
           satisfy a current post 9-11 fascination in the US with the military.
Walt Disney Company has reached out in many ways to help the country heal in the wake of the
           terrorist attacks of September 11th.
Your theme of "Energizing America" takes on a whole new meaning in light of September 11th.
Zbigniew Herbert's poems lobbed against Soviet oppression dispensed a particularly warming
           fire in light of September 11.