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of rigorous wanting & song

for Kaia Sand

the picture called out   called out as if flesh   but flesh is but a moment in words   flesh but consequence   of    and in misspeaking    not merely chopped up song but say the stutterance of a bird  caught  or  throttled in one's throat   as a pure state of being  as the child was perfectly wrapped  in  the  moment   she was a perfect picture of desire and  knew  nothing  but the direction  of  tomorrow   her gender was only implied   but as gender is a state of being and only as  assigned  let's say her sex was merely implied   by the light in her eyes and the curl in her hair toward her sad mother   this child was words   but her mother was distracted    as    the   child represented  something  only  a picture could signify   say the harmony  in  a  moment    the indestructible  wear  of  ones future and assets   compiling to the point of crisis with   high possibility of    risk or failure and this  is  all  when  the picture tunnels itself similar   toward   a burrowing toward of