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Sugar Pill

the bucket of squirming frogs

the specks of mind caught in amber

okay, this is your last moment on earth...

the unused light bulbs

the interstellar sweating

the belligerent jock crossing the ancient riff

a bound glow of sustained peace

do we get to drink it?

the distance missed on purpose

a blur of sending, weightless refusal, continually learning

Winken and Blinken and a molecule of Nod

the bands of tiny jellyfish

the lighting

the asteroids

the underwater volcanoes

the incessantly recurring martial properties of social relation

the school bus

the cell wall

the intensified containment which dislocated the preponderance of coercions

the indissoluble attraction of dense recoveries

the allurements

as I watched a butterfly emerge from its chrysalis on TV.

having described an almost uncontrolled movement

the names between

a kind of relief and climbing out of shivered confrontation

what they feel--

a stereotype beyond one's realm of agency

left the map to move back along a break in

what your place is in what is happening

infatuated with the lump of future

the possibility of renewal

the tangled overlapping of intentions

pointed away from the embers

the embarrassing bird costume at the receiving end of time

Larkspur for plastic explosive

the bodily thought

the giant power lines

the planitary metabolism

it was up to me to take care of this baby shark

but it was dying

I remember too late that sharks breathe water

the shadows of leaves

in a kind of warm emptiness

and the day fills the space where this should be

a nice move against gravity

the primitive accommodations leaning on an interruption

the carefully unleashed pulse as real as unreleased laughter

asymmetrical relations gathering attrition by an uninhabited stellar posturing

in the same bed

provides for mutual attention in the face of these pulsations

the attenuation of time, upwardly redistributed to the owners and managers

the record took place in a hole dug against these coils of institutions

the footprints of conspicuous measuring

as the tongue clucks

the rhubarb pies

the skeleton believes with aggregate senses

carrying power unwrapped with tomorrow's weapons

when she puts on all her auxiliary organs

the computer below the willow branches

the photograph still in the scanner

and I suddenly realized I was being videotaped...

the bodyguards of sense

this living black flower growing out of my side-- painfully

should I cut it off?

can I?

the paw prints in snow

the inane mind control--

the world spinning like a dryer

in the road's turn

the disappearing species

the bag full of blank video tapes

the feta omelet

okay, people are upset because the world is being destroyed...

where cooperation changes one's mode of being

the repressions of imaginary origin

an alligator being born

covered stars

when you move over the stagnant water

the obstructing glass

only a question of legality

where one is to end, not begin

it dies and I continue

turned over like gardening soil

the crickets

the waves of anger

the cavernous off-limits darkness

the secret expectations

the walls were going to become a gavel

the game duly heated, to be aware of

like a dog-- limited sky

sufficiently full to appear through the veils of doctrine

the stretched windows, more instantly

flung back unspoken wish

nothing on all sides dovetails

the moment beyond which you cannot keep from doing it

the revelation, the temporary absence held in separate data

the orphaned wish conducting some famous darkness

the redwing blackbird

the ripples of light

equivalent divisions of relationships

the nearness

the demonstration of retrograde wind

the other hand contains a complete change

a simple undetermined night

given its deal in this paper

I have a favor to ask

might be the build-up

containing these admixtures of geographic crawling

will adore one obvious semi-conscious development

for instance, a different compass

interested in scraping sounds--

the astronomer rhythms

the dumb signatures

like any enormous gladioli

though the passwords are easier to describe

life-saving on its undissembled interplay

while packing for the re-education camps

undressing the convections of information

footprints of darkening work

we cannot fall out of

are ousted from a place in the foreground

the mild narcosis induced by these fantasies

the totality of the prospects for exploitation imagined

the opposition which thus emerges

they start to bring in the raspberry filling

the old woman glaring at the tattoos on the arms of the girl

long peculiar portions of unaccompanied conversation

a return dissipated, disproportionate, in order to recreate

watching the war-like endearments reshape

the kind of unerring escape through willing and cumulative alteration

perfectly stopped

the flies come alive again, now that it's warm