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Lapides sui generis

unto something
in you I lie
in tumult & green color
perfect fragment
unto one another
in gentle placement seen
like upon tv we would watch
and out upon our windows we see
such placements as would negate
violent vision, in fragment seen
in one another ourselves
turning to each other asking
a sort of gentle drop
dropping within and leaving such
as would be fragments of ourselves
something to watch and negate
ungentle placement, scattered and
not able to ask each other, our eyes,
mute and in green, blue, such horizon
as would allow seeing past such places
a violent placement, a drop not gentle
as we thought we were so gentle, expecting
like rocks we stood and turned around
while escaping as what we watched upon tv
scattered as we were seeking placement
not to ask each other, or see within ourselves
another place, ungentle and urgent such need
colors, tumult and speaking past those buildings which
so sudden, a drop, within themselves and taking all of us
violent our interior green in such tumult
and on such horizon as we watched tv
what told us horizon violent ending
past those buildings which in fragment
such shimmering towers placed
and in violent displacement came to an end horizon
stones unto themselves as we turned
around and seeking placement
and in horizon violent saw
upon our tv we would see
and within you here lie I in green
seeking windows and gentle
we would place ourselves in us
stones unto ourselves
such perfect rocks displaced
gazing in each other lie
gardens covering islands we'd say
in wishful broken thinking
seeing past that which is ourselves
unable to see past that which is ourselves