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Black Atlantic Sky

Is perpetual motion

My own body sending out the signal to kill off the cell

Your history

Any someone else's

Happening simultaneously

To be caught on something

A series of embarrassing travesties, one after the other

Patterns of turtles

A first word--

Aren't you supposed to be out... killing things?

Like lemmings running up a cliff

Missile silos implode in North Dakota

Copping the absence

As I shrunk back in horror at the use I was making of my intelligence--

The sound of hail on rooftops

Regurgitates its details

The feather teetering at the edge of the window

A duty-bound flickering

In tentative disparity

The mirror in the garbage

The politics of harmony, of discord

A fried egg burning in the sky

You learn a lot by noticing what does not happen to someone / yourself

Benefits from public interference

Like a stone skipped over the surface of life

The build up of intervals...

Not possible...

Killed by a rubber bullet

The value reduced in direct proportion to the amount of money applied to it.

Birds are some ancient shit

War, used to prevent social equality

Transfer points

Like common tones

Rany races and ages and languages traveling freely all that distance


I keep beating my head against

As a form of compression


Spring melting slush

Walking across the moon in her space boots

Steal blank tapes...

Folding up my body to use later

The energy, the frustration, put it into the appliance!

Like an artichoke...

Above the ocean

My ancestors

To be free

From this possession

An experience which is a kind of thought

I wake in a room alone

The persistence of sensation

...an obscuring pressure

They accept the most violent contradictions

They admit impossibilities

They disregard knowledge

They reveal us as ethical and moral idiots

Who has put the truth of the material where

You are the illumination of this discovery

The cracked glass of the door

(Bourgeois rain)

Intersection of steep streets

Where individuality is contained

For who (spider web)

The totality of the door

My being is an egg

To distrust voluntary and involuntary will

Attention, oil money, genetic engineering

The fire could mean anything

We calculate without hesitation that 3+3=20

And a dog quotes a line of poetry

A spiritual automation

The announcers voice brakes in

The next moment there is a shift in the kaleidoscope, and we are faced with a new grouping

I cannot miss another opportunity like that

A matter of great importance goes unremarked

So the speed and control over the finest and most intricate details

Of intellectual apprehension actually renders one stupid.

This assemblage of feelings

The pungent transformation of this stagnation, the realization strewn from this mistake

This naivete, repackaged

This poisoned water

To go under things, rather than over

Like a rope

Bright mustard fields

Excretions of thought that have been stifled at birth

A series of conditions of ever increasing wakefulness

The source of levity, the flammable curiosity

The welcome corrosion

This objective, internal current examines you across languages

Determined by wavelengths

Like the germs of life

The bouncer has gone completely out of control