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By series: Bridge St  In Yr Ear  Ruthless Grip

Marie Menken

that's not a flashlight, that's the moon

ingest splendor

see energy

cry out for your own annihilation

became healing

the blundering and tormented process

the overheard initiation

the smoke alarms, the big corporate pay-off

the smell better than the taste

secret plantings, the tendency

born into it, rejecting it

hydroelectric power...

the hand designed to hold the tree

the mind designed to move the hand--

the mind is based on trees...

the grandchildren, bleached paper

the drug treatment center...

subatomic realist

a set of emotions

based on a set of facts coming and going

as sickness does

bracing remains

by telephone creation joined to firewood

the distance between the feelings and the plans

charged particles

churning out particularities of interaction

deadened space, end over end

shot Frick in Pennsylvania


is it better to put as much distance between you

and the monsters as possible, or the other way around

symmetrical relations I don't ever want to forget