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Six Poems

A Playground in Belize

Independence is for
the anonymous

Cops rolling backwards
on the shoulder
to the aid
of some troubled surfers

Waving my hoe
at the passing

Cat comes shaking
its head for

I feel so
unaware of the
I'm dialing
it's the wrong
to call
out in my sleep

Have nothing to say
is nothing to do

Every put-away thing
stays so criss-crossed

Red bird goes by
a narrow window
This bright clear red
goes into my body

It's like time stole your watch

Mockingbirds are
gray and white with
no mockings

And all the books say
Delay delay delay




Yeah, No

In a director's chair
waiting for a movie crew

The sentence is just
as afraid of you

Where you come from
insects survey the grass

I wouldn't variegate
the blessings
with a hymn to Quetzlcoatl
if I didn't dream
in surround sound

Too stoned to wrestle Big Bird

Master Gu
would lay out dozens
of pieces of silk on the floor...
when he had become a bit tipsy
he would run around the silk
several dozen times
finally taking the ink
and spilling it all over.
Next he would sprinkle on the colors
The places where they spilled
he would cover with a large cloth
and have someone sit on it
while he himself grasped
[the cloth]
by one corner and pulled it around

Help! I need a car
but my credit is terrible!

I know the car accident
was not technically your fault

Taxation without misrepresentation

The dump is capped
with pipe vents on a grid

the radio on in the next room
no kind of camouflage

or do I make myself
a Gila monster
when I sidle to the left

the signal breaking up
into harmony

He thinks everybody is his house
whereas I think Beethoven tic tac toe diamonds

to rely
on the debris
of what you see
and remember

sleep through the early afternoon
sun hard on the wavy roof
and the coyote in his bunker

Wifeboy! Yeah-no
Off in the wilderness
wrestling wild roses

context monsters
in the future bees in the stove

Tasks of nobody home
cry like seagulls
and I am pouring
bailed-out basement
down stone steps

Take me to your massive mermaid
give me of your holy scene

Mention this ad for a free instinct

let go of the spangled
know-nothings, let them
sit in their living rooms

the mind is
what the brain does

random copying errors
the chocolate




Karaoke of Myself

In the parlor
Education bargains a stet
Out of the rules

And it is stet haunting the campaign

Stetted lulls and loops
Gaffes in the name

O that you would meet me
With stet in your heart

A forlorn hit

The hit which can be talked out of its bunker
Only with the bless you of stet





Yesterday, when we were on the hot rock
Watching the clouds burn off
A movie theater-crowded compassion

Remembering to be completely where I am
Took away the mother-of-pearl

Believe it
Was a pale command

The paragraph came out with its hands up

The money
Came from a fear
I whispered
In the same fear

Suffering has been shown
To grow
The resolve to victory
And to enlarge the breadth
Of the love people feel
For the ones around them

(A compressed mass
undergoes a change of state?)

What, do you want me to come over there
And make art of you?
All ice-cream scooped

There along the travertine
I checked my shoes for chewing-gum
And softly stroked the power locks

I turned down the music
And answered the phone

Davis, Jordan




The Present

To correct the magnificat
I give her my face
And light the slow fuse

Looking over her essay on horses
I feel more fragile than doowop

May I have a phosphate, please

When we go on an errand
We go through the woods
The scene where nothing
Makes up its mind

I'm looking into the gravel
Sitting in the shade

Waiting for words
I have a cup of soda
Somebody says a living hell
Somebody else speaks German

In this eldrich
The dreaming industry
Reaches into a bowl of anthropomorphisms
And is rewarded with tall buildings on high ground

Sunlight picks through the energy

She stands hands against the wall
Feet apart and turning
Back to smile --

The greener the red
The greener the green




A Chocolate Orange

Whack and unwrap did the pen my father ran over
Grinding gravel dents into the side fall out of my pocket
When the seven dimes fell five in one place two astray
Just past 23rd this morning on the A? For lunch Hero and
Leander the grape lights are new this year, they shine
In the center with dark purple and green edges but like
The good cold-light strings they plug in from the box
To put a fading styrofoam mandala like a safe house sign
Every other shop on Fourteenth Street and so unlike
The rest of this season they're better in the package
Marlowe makes me feel lazy and spoiled as goretex sweats
Make their summerlawn sound in the hallway, it's not
Brisk enough to make this chocolate phrase pantoum
The dizziest physiological response to bloodsugar spiking
With the twin winter cravings of skin and chlorophyll
Actually just some cash to buy tiny kites and chocolates
To put in the homemade bags everybody's getting
And a hammer drill and skil saw some insulation
And then what and then what the people and things
Go by but from this window it's buildings like mountains
The viewy heat waves on forestry lights saying
The thing I want time waves in Eel Pond isn't only
Attention to the rickrack or shoulder light inspector kit
Barking at the mayor for a twenty-one banjo serenade
That consignment drifts in the near future with chains on
For now just give me the right comma like seltzer
And I'll be the paraphrase you guessed almost, but with
This difference: the entertainment is secretly bothering
Itself into making something to take when serious
Not as a release from the grip on the arm of all day's
Tedium but the good goofing fanfare, really fanfare
For the quick and quiet fight to push this orange over