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salt-spray my way      you    climb

climb higher so I cannot resist the shell
of which

hands   define   of filament and line

beached    but free   ever-cast fish-

beseeching   within where
barnacle meets

thigh of absoluteness of tightened breath

altered tide-line   its unending   sound-
turn      and pull of

shore weed multitudes of line    covered
glass   point east

toward the sea of you         my distance
(farm-fresh)         my

shutter-thought-speed    lanterns
crisscrossed clothes-lined

alleys strewn with beach glass where
wind  slams gated

diners                   of   our   past
I sat seaward salt-sprayed my

hair where hand  meets hand  and hush-

and silence    of which

your swollen fisted ribbed claw sought-
sorrow unspoken

this liquid dream    of abandon born-blue
in       another's         lost brother
dream       his death       which
conceived and      nursed you