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Beowulf Homophonic Translation Project


Have it with Gardens,  in garden-gum.

They had singing there, Slim Gates went on

who the apple-orchard guys elegantly framed on

Left Field Chafing subpoenaed tree-atrium

money-gun, mega-sun. Meteors settle the earth,

exuding Early  Citizen-Arrested Fate

facing Africa heathens frequently gave out baths

waxing under welcome weird minded shah

answered him: egg yolk there, I’m sitting, there. 

After the hornet-raid hairy and scolding

gumball gilder  that was God sinning!

Damn everyone West   of Trinidad

gone in one eardrum God sent bones

full of treasures far and dear, philodendric.

Fat hierarchical dragon elderlies

long for Hawai’i time passed the Liffey

Wildest Wonderland a world that I forgot (forgave)

Beowulf was brainy a blood-wide spring

Shields of ethereal Shetland was humming

Swastikas gone under  go the way of shame

from unfilial gift ends  on Father’s beard

patenting his lady before going on again. 



Well guessing that someone will come

lead the listening lofted and sealed

in mega-gay-ware man get it on. 

Him that Shields gazed at to escape his bile

feel a horror, feel Iran  on freon warfare 

hide behind fat and barren tea briny fallow

Swastika Gesundheit ‘s why he suffered bad. 

Send word and behold wine heals everything

leave off land roving longing at you 

There and hidden he stood he’ll bring the good stuff now

the icing and the outhouse; appealing, so far. 

A leading Shah left the Netherlands

begging Britain unbearably sheisted 

by sea and by mast there were many dead and damned 

offer wedding  fraternity, gilded 

No hired icicle is more cold than our one

Hilltop whippings  and northern wadings

Build them and burn them come on, bury my lake.

Made my money go, that humid cauldron 

when nine floods eight  free your gay widow

nevertheless, his hymenal lesion lessens tedium

feeding the gastronome donning daytime 

The high night from scaffolding fourth incendint

any other tithe  unborn we send thee 

the gay Thomas entered as soon as the gang killed ‘em

he’s a hater he’s a fag  let him haul the brine

careful anchor set here waves bury me safely

mourning the mod  Mannequins

seeking to soothe dirty redundancies

health under theocracy  it was them blasting innocents

that was unrecorded  built with skill and guns 



they have led signing  the longest rage

folk gum, guest rage feather all our worth

altar of the feared operate on him after nine o’clock

he half dummy,  he old, spending life

get them all on battery now glad tidings

damn flower beans fourth grimiest

in the world.  When can we rotate the swan? 

Aerocar, Anthrax a round hell-gate

heard his fate was one times seven

heathens steal fingers he’ll escape it

the western  asked for   a respite.  Hyphen.

Wagers were made  that wine made an ass of him.

germy hydrant  after you got to get me off 

make it directly to my cell Hymen mood be on

that healer said  hating would

meet the errant missile  men getting worse again 

son, you’ll do better then after getting your freak on

other than Iran  we all get dealt with

gay anthem and eardrum swill the gold seal

pressing the Halloween button  waving fairies away

there is wide and free questioning we work on highways

managing magpies under snake-ridden beards

the Halloween brotherhood replacement waned on him at first glance

other than middle-class appetites they build fat and weary spent eagles

Still, the new anthem  must scoop him and hurt no man

seeping, his words congealed:  “we don’t have to”

He bought nihilism begonia as a dildo

Sing at simile,  celebrate help and Gatorade

hale and horny gap head-on wonder bread

libidinal lines  never waived the tongue pathogen

that’s a negative  anthem swearing-in

after the whale was knighted she weakened  and sold 



Darlin’ guest   your father lies

Question Nickelodeon  straight to your sister’s bed

that he cherished violence your dreams hid.

Monday, in hell,  there was a proud hairpin.

It swung all around and drew blood by the bucket. They say that he was without fault

from conception to vacation railroads recreate

sweat that admitted itself was in earnest.

Ulysses rang the early bell so wife watered  beginning baby bed

Come sit by your heartfelt  Sheikh and mother

leavened by love,  land-bending

How fraternity came about  a fold in the seat

sinners’ welcome by them diced in half

it’s where the right human  dreamed of the Liffey

equality offered an organ 

Fiery feminists  found fertility in Greece

where the grandma goes when dilated. 

Murmur stopper see the morals held

keen on fisting  weaving without thread

When sailing  was a disposable pastime

sipping gin in the skipper and shouting obscenities

when Cain sinned  someone squealed at the wake

we are drifting  past the grieving buzzard’s lake

Never stray from your father’s feather just as he looked behind him for forgiveness

Meteor by formula framed Mancini

From then on, underwear was no longer worn on the catwalk

they held onto life beyond waving whales

swilling gigantic therewith go on guessing

long questions:  did he do it to him for gold?

Waiting at Nausicaa, syphilis done bit him in the bum.

From here on out, you get to keep the ring. 



After forty days     he began to have them

Having found that the daring        calling drift

Swift and simple     so our knees did not elbow each other

One diaspora         returning one

Garamond and Wingdings     the arrow sometime wavers

Between Scylla and Charbydes     the rest of her hand took

To hastily retain      to hope and friend

Navigating whale filled     wicker newsstands

The ways we attain      the mid-air edge

Grand lace gusset creased     women undone

The waves offered wisdom     dollop of enlightenment

Mixing morning swig         merry children

Calling for god     unbinding satan

Holding driftwood     feigned circuitry

Southbound heavy face laughing     last seaweed gown

We were guests      in ways that got too strong

Latent languor      never hit languor first

Akimbo any night     just got even stranger

More spilling there     undermined four

Faith beyond tyrrany        ways to feast on them

That was eastbound        hem was there

Aromatic        rest stop

Bed after breakfast     they had backward ways

Any given solstice     sweeter than candy 

Having healed sickness     he was finally sickened

Firing faster      see them fearing death inhaling

She was richer then      and with richer men

Anna with the old one        worshipped idol stood

Halfway celestial     with a silver missile

Twelve wintry tides      tore the globe apart. 



Lord of the Shields     went forth with moans

Without concern     for them the gum wore thin