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A Unicorn Boner For Humanity
You, sir or madame,
are a nazi
if you deny the unicorn-humanity
of those of us less fortunate in the beauty department
than your obviously-anorexic hooved-and-horned friends.

When I first published my translation of
"Unnatural State of the Unicorn" in Polish,
unicorns were strangers to mankind,
dwelt far away from humanity,
seeking out mountains, forests,
places where magic might still be found.
They ran through green woodlands
proud and free
Never Chased By Greedy Humanity.

Kids these days
with their rap music and boners
are going to eradicate humanity.
(Keep in mind that I have no idea
how children are made.)

The discretion,
the honesty,
and the humanity
of the unicorn boner --
if I could change anything about myself,
I would have a unicorn boner in my mouth
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How empty is a world without rainbows!
Where would we be without unicorns!
"Every day I feel a little horny"
is clearly a nod to the unicorn boner --
solidarity with all things happy
and fluffy
and horny

As pink, as new, and as loud
as a moist newborn Unicorn boner.
And when you follow your moist newborn unicorn boner
boners will occur
where you would not have thought there were boners,
and where there wouldn't be boners for anyone else.

There's gonna be lots of
moist newborn unicorn boner herbalizing
in somebody's vajayjay.
Just you watch.