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Hello Everyone
Hello everyone,
I am a new writer
and I am currently working on
a fictional novel
that is also fantasy.
I have not read much fantasy
except for Chronicles of Narnia,
but I think the best thing
is just use imagination.
My favorite quote is
"You are only limited
 by your imagination
 and the laws in your area."

I have a fantasy book idea.
Here is a little bit of it.
It takes place in a world
where kings, knights, wizards,
princesses, pirates, mermaids
elves and hobbits are.
I might also include
giants, dwarfs, dragons,
centaurs, fauns, unicorns,
gods and goddesses,
bigfoot zombies
and wookies.
But I think that if I want to have
mythical creatures
I should read up on them
because I know very little
about the subject.

I have another problem.
I have drawn a map
of the mythical world
and I like how it looks,
but I don't know if I can
draw it again in a bigger size.
I guess I would have to get
one of my friends that can draw
to draw it.

I'm a dreamer.
I'm also a workaholic hippie.
I think I'm turning into a pirate
or maybe a gypsy punk.
I've heard pirates
were the original punks.
But what about zombies,
which were probably
around before pirates
because there've always been the dead,
and if you have the dead
you also have to have the undead.
And now that we're in the future
we can have zombie pirate robots,
or even Ninja zombie pirate robots.
I'd like to see
a ninja zombie pirate robot wizard
that is made of some kind of meat.
Preferably bacon.  
It could come with the book,
freeze-dried of course
in a little package.
But if that's too difficult,
maybe just a tiny freeze-dried
bacon unicorn bookmark.
I wonder if in medieval times
people ate unicorn bacon
and if it tasted like
our modern bacon
of today.

I know I'm just a 33 year old nerd
in Lewisburg Ohio
with a crisis level like Brangelina
but I think my fictional fantasy novel
could be good.
I also think I could perform
on New Year's Rockin' Eve
with some horsey-chested man
like Robert Plant in his prime.
We could be the Captain and Tennille
of a medieval fantasy world,
and I'd wear one of those tall pointy hats
with the long scarf attached
and the Captain/Robert Plant and I would sing
"Havin' My Baby."
And then the baby would appear
and it would be a gnome.
Or dwarf, whatever.
It wouldn't matter
that we're both men
because of how advanced
today's society is becoming.
But I think Robert Plant might care
because I know he likes girls.
I don't know
about the Captain though.